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Healthy Food with No Budget

By Drew Mitchell/Farm to Fork Barbara Banton, a long-time resident of Bowling Green, Ky., lost her job when she had a stroke at work. Recovering from the traumatic event was especially hard for Banton because she is a diabetic. Banton needed healthy food to recover, but she could barely afford to eat at all. For [Read More]

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An Elementary Lunch

By Sam Oldenburg/Farm to Fork At 5:30 in the morning she’s waiting for the milkman. At 7:30 she gets the daily hug from Brandon.  When 8:30 comes, she’s tallying lunch counts.  It’s time to serve the main meal at 11 a.m.  At 2 p.m. she leaves, coming back to repeat the process the next day. [Read More]

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What now Washington?

Drew Mitchell/Farm to Fork A legislative op-ed. In a time where outbreaks of the fatal and disgusting E. coli bacteria are as common as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hold the salmonella, please, the District of Columbia and its 100 part-time residents, members of the 111th Senate of the United States of America, should be [Read More]

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Agriculture Across the World

Text and research by Amanda Loviza/Farm to Fork Graphic by Jacob Hill/Farm to Fork Click on the countries above to learn more. Agriculture is one industry that affects everyone on the planet. Everyone has to eat. Today, agriculture across the world is shaped by many forces, from technological advances and government programs to environmental concerns [Read More]

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American Farmland: A Disappearing Resource

American Farmland: A Disappearing Resource. from Jacob Hill on Vimeo. By Jacob Hill/Farm to Fork “I’d rather see corn growing than houses,” said Bowling Green farmer Frank Stagner when asked for his opinion on the housing developments surrounding his property.  Stagner, 81, has been farming in the area for the majority of his life. In [Read More]

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Lunch Debate Moves from Cafeterias to Congress

Cheetos and ginger ale were not what Colorado schoolteacher Mendy Heaps thought her students should be eating for lunch, so she started selling fresh fruit out of an overhead projector cart. Kids, parents and teachers loved it, but the principal put a stop to it.

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